Artificial Intelligence Event is a global industry forum designed as a neutral business networking and partnership platform on which senior executives from leading multinational firms can leverage as both a meeting place and a marketplace.
After the successful European Artificial Intelligence Event in early 2016, where over 125 executives had over six hundred meetings scheduled over a 24 hour period, our meeting in Hong Kong focuses on the potential opportunities for Artificial Intelligence Event for western technologies and multinational corporations with regional players in the Asia-Pacific region.

Forum Content:

  • Two Day event – Private meetings, networking and executive dinners on day one followed by a global forum on day two with panel discussions and keynote presentations.
  • Meetings with business development and licensing professionals as well as regional professors focused on R&D.
  • Presentations from top speakers including multinational leadership and global financial investment firms.
  • Government Representatives and Artificial Intelligence Associations from China and other APAC regions.