Tractica is a market intelligence firm that focuses on human interaction with technology.  The company’s market research and consulting services provide industry participants and stakeholders with in-depth analysis of emerging technology trends, business issues, market drivers, and end-user demand dynamics across multiple application domains including home, mobile, health, automotive, enterprise, and industrial markets.  Tractica’s global market coverage combines qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to provide a comprehensive view of the emerging market opportunities surrounding User Interface Technologies, Biometrics, Digital Health, Wearable Devices, and Automation & Robotics.

Manufacturing_Today_MT_logo_400x80 is an Online Trade Magazine featuring Products, Companies, News, Articles and Events for the Advanced Manufacturing, Factory Automation & 3D Printing industries.


ABI Research is a market intelligence company specializing in global technology markets. Our unique blend of quantitative forecasting and trend analysis helps us to quantify the important markets of today, define the strategic technologies of tomorrow, and provide insight on how technology is adopted into vertical markets.

loyalty magazine

Loyalty Magazine is the most widely read title on the subject of customer retention. It covers loyalty as a broad concept, reward programmes, affinity, customer insight and CRM. Importantly, it focuses heavily on how technology is reinventing what is possible, with analytics and other customer information management systems, and how mobile interaction and engagement are changing the rules.

Containing in-depth interviews with industry leaders, and briefings on emerging topics, such as loyalty and blockchain or the global growth of coalition programmes, it is required reading for anyone keen to keep their customers.

⦁ Readers in well over 70 countries,
⦁ All business sectors addressed, including retail, financial services, travel and hotels, telecoms and online/social media.
⦁ A daily news and features website,
⦁ Printed edition of Loyalty Magazine published three times a year to support The Loyalty Magazine Awards (

Subscribe online at, call Maxine Wernick on +44 (0)1572 820088 or email and we will send you an invoice. If you would like to see a complimentary copy of Loyalty Magazine then please email us a request at

Parks Associates

Parks Associates is an internationally recognized market research and consulting company specializing in emerging consumer technology products and services. The company’s expertise includes the Internet of Things (IoT), digital media and platforms, entertainment and gaming, home networks, Internet and television services, digital health, mobile applications and services, support services, consumer apps, advanced advertising, consumer electronics, energy management, and home control systems and security.

Each year, Parks Associates hosts industry webcasts, the CONNECTIONS™ Conference Series, Smart Energy Summit: Engaging the Consumer, and Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers.

Tech Tank Talks

TechTank is a news portal and video collaboration community for technology professionals in business. Our video talks gather business leaders and technology stakeholders in the enterprise and public sector who share similar challenges, interests and responsibilities to discuss the latest developments in business technology – enabling them to transform their business, increase profitability and benchmark their digital & infrastructure projects.
Our global community is free to join includes CxOs from some of the world’s best known brands as well as exciting tech start-ups and independent developers. Our content is produced at the request of our community members and endorsed by our all–star advisory board. If you’re in tech, you’re invited.


I Know First is a financial technology company that provides daily investment forecast based on an advanced self-learning algorithm. The Algorithm has been developed by Dr. Lipa Roitman, a scientist with over 35 years of experience, who is now leading our R&D team to further develop and consistently enhance the algorithm. The concept of the current algorithm has crystallized following years of prior research into the nature of chaotic systems.

The underlying technology of the algorithm is based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and incorporating elements of artificial neural network and genetic algorithms through which we are able to analyze, model and predict the stock market.

The algorithm generates daily market predictions for stocks, world indices, ETFs, interest rates and more for the short, medium and long term horizons. It predicts over 3,000 securities (and growing) with capabilities to discover patterns in large sets of data collected from the stock market. The algorithm is adaptable, scalable and is applied to discover best investment opportunities or as a decision support system of an existing investment process.

I Know First algorithm is designed for large financial Institutions, wealth management companies and hedge funds.

ASD offers an extensive repository of reportson software market, which can meet most of your market study relatedrequirements. The reports cover technological and market insights on variedtypes of software like, business software, general software, open source andfree software, games, cloud computing, augmented reality, embedded software,and much more.

Rethink Research

Rethink is a consulting and publishing group focused on rapid businesschange brought about by technology, with special expertise in digital media,cellular and the internet of things.

Rethink consists of a handful of highly experienced consultants and associateswith long standing knowledge of the major technology markets and isparticularly strong at summarizing markets based on collating complex researchand interview. We also conduct competitive intelligence studies androute-to-market models.

In addition to bespoke consulting, Rethink provides a range of intelligenceservices for vendors and investors, defining market sizes and shapes, keydrivers and predicting likely winners and losers. We have recently written suchforecasts on Broadband, Homespot WiFi, the future of TV and NFV, SON andCloud-RAN in cellular. We also run a service called Rethink OTT Intelligence onOTT video.

Rethink publishes three regular research notes, one on digital media calledFaultline, and another on Wireless Technologies called Wireless Watch, andRethink IoT on the Internet of Things. publishes daily news, analysis, interviews andbest practices focused on Customer Experience Management, Digital Marketing,Enterprise Collaboration and Information Management. Follow us on Twitter@cmswire or join our mailing list for access to exclusive reports, white papersand webinars.