With businesses eyeing AI as the solution for managing and leveraging the proliferation of customer data, now is the most critical time to get a grasp of this fast-growing industry.

If you are a company struggling with too many inbound customer queries for current staff coverage, too much data and not enough time to analyse it – let alone leverage it, or even just knowing where all the information lives, then this meeting is your ideal opportunity to engage with a combination of those who are already using AI to their benefit and those who are interested in starting.

Meet and Network with Leaders from:

  • Early to Mid-stage Artificial Intelligence Companies
  • Business Development and Strategic Teams from Large Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Leadership from Multinational Artificial Intelligence Corporations
  • Regional Artificial Intelligence Professors and R&D Experts.
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors
  • Market Intelligence and Consultancy
  • Universities and National Regulatory Bodies
  • Service Providers to the Industry
  • Government Officials and Ministers of Agriculture