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Welcome to Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise

You’ve all heard how machine learning algorithms can improve efficiency, decrease costs and lead to better decision making… But what can Artificial Intelligence really bring to your organisation and which technology should be used for which process?

With cognitive computing technologies improving at a fantastic speed and the huge growth in the amount of data available, this meeting will bring clarity to this tech mine field by bringing thought provoking use cases forward direct from the early adopters

The event will be focused towards large enterprise from Utility, Telecom, Retail, Insurance and Financial Services
– some of Europe’s largest customer facing organisations. With innovative case studies that will resonate
with the end user.

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Who You Will Meet?

Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Global Business Services, Process Excellence Teams, Innovation Teams, Customer Services Directors, Heads of Call Centres, Sales Lead Delivery

Audience profile

  • .Financial services and insurance
  • .Public Sector
  • .Telecoms
  • .Retail
  • .Utilities
  • .Consumer products

Vendor Offerings

  • .Cloud based solutions for machines
  • .Consultancy
  • .AI software design and development
  • .Enterprise search and search management
  • .RPA
  • .NLP
  • .Image and voice recognition